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Domestic and Commercial

New Building or Renovations

Mini Ditch Earthmoving are able to help before and after building projects with clearing land and reparing for the building site and afterwards in preparing for landscaping including the layig of turf.

We can deliver large quanities of sand and gravel as well as other building and landscaping needs, large or small.

Our mini-loader and bobcat are versatile machines that not only can be used in any small and confined place but can be used for a number of earthworks; clearing, leveling moving and spreading top soil, gravel and other materials.

• General Cartage and Rubbish Removal

• Supplying Gravel and Clean Fill Sand

• Compaction Sand and Top Soil

• Quarry Materials

• Landscape Materials

Domestic Back Yard Clean-up After Construction

Before and After

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Preparing the Area for Roll-on Turf

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Machine Hire Available

Mini Ditch Earthmoving

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